28 December 2010

spontaneous poetry

A fellow passenger wore a light green scarf over a dark green top which bore the inscription "Fight the grey!". I could not resist to compose a poem and hand it to her. Then I got out my laptop and here's the poem for you:

Now I have to say
that in light of the day
you're fighting the grey
in a very good way!

Yes, it can be seen
as it always has been
the color of the keen
is a beautiful green.

This post is dedicated to L., queen of green, and Anja, the fashionable train passenger.

Postscript: Another passenger didn't find her suitcase, because there were a lot of like ones. All black cube-shaped things with wheels and a handle. I suggested the obvious solution: paint it green! (In defense of the passengers I have to add, that some of the suit cases already wore tiny colored ribbons on their handles.)


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