15 December 2010

random things I'd like to do

  • Fix Ubuntu Bug No. 96705
  • publish the tree-balancing algorithm I invented in 2003
  • organize a visit at the Schweinfurt plant for bicycle hub gears (world renowned since 1902)
  • write a series of blog articles about how bicycle hub gears work (more detailed than other sources I know, but more general than the related patents that I've read)
  • make a 3D model of Paris République métro station with all the nested tunnels and then make a 3D model of a redesigned station with transparent halls.... like it would be build in modern times if there was lots of money. (I imagine that such a model put on the web would draw some attention in France, even though it's absolutely unrealistic that the station will ever be completely rebuild in such a way.)
  • write a cool Android app that does something useful and uses better UI concepts than the state of the art


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