24 December 2010

is there anybody else out there who doesn't like Christmas presents?

I mean, I am not against the concept of Christmas as a family holiday per se. After all, there are so many things a family could do together: prepare meals together, bake cookies, play games, do handicrafts, make photo collages from the past year, or photo slide shows or photo books, go on a trip. make music together, or recite poetry. make travel plans by reading travel guides about a country or region and then synthesizing family member's “places to see” into a joint trip plan, doing puzzles, making pottery, draw or paint together, play role games, (or board games, or Wii games), go skiing (if you live in the northern hemisphere), go the beach (if you live in the southern hemisphere), ...
Psychological studies show clearly that fun activities bring much more happiness than any material things. Shared activities are best for forging social bonds.

So why all those gifts? Why don't we just have fun together? Preferably in a creative way...

(Incidentally, since I am not biking in winter and spend quite a bit of time in public transit, I have started to learn poetry again. Now I know a couple of really great poems, but I haven't found anybody yet, who'd care to listen...)

This has me add a bullet point to my last post:

  • make a Kindle-ebook of my favorite poems.


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