27 May 2008

sailing acrobatics

Sail around the mark...Head first into the water...

and back in again...

21 May 2008

Jack Sparrow vs. Disneyland

very interesting article and well-written, too.

16 May 2008

suffering brings people together

Taiwan and China

15 May 2008

great men behave like children, too

See this funny article about Jimmy Wales and his personal weakness(es).

Even worse things described on Danny Wool's blog! (Note, however: this is one person's point-of-view and might not reflect the absolute objective truth if ever there was such a thing.)

9 May 2008

drink more tap water!

quote: "Toronto's water is provided with 650 bacterial tests each month, while the testing practices of bottled water companies are self-regulating and fairly unknown."

5 May 2008

torontoist did it for me

on a bike ride a few weeks ago I spotted this strange graffiti and almost made a note to myself to find out what's behind that number. Finally, I didn't do it, but today I found that the Torontoist did for me.