10 July 2008

tuning and repairs of the bike provisionally named Cindy

In what desperate condition I found her: she had fallen from her rack, the handlebars had turned in the steering tube, the kick-stand was broken off, the dérailleur was bend from falling or some other nasty coming-too-close.

Here's what Matt from Bikechain and me did on the first day:
  • remove the little steel piece on which the dérailleur is mounted and bend it back, closer to its original shape.
  • reassemble the dérailleur and adjust: cable tension at the shifter (on the handlebars), low and high stop points
  • tighten the handlebar cone and the handlebar tilt
  • grease the axles for the V-breaks and the break cables; readjust the brake-springs and cable-tension
  • remove the stub from the broken kick-stand
Here's what's still left to do:
  • buy and install fenders (mounting holes seem to be there, although not much space between wheel and frame)
  • readjust the wheels (which are slightly uneven)
  • buy and install a rack (didn't see any mounting holes for that though :-(
  • buy and install a new kick-stand
  • lights -- that's a whole story by itself
so far, so good, Cindy.


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