21 July 2008

plus de vélos en ville, moins d'accidents ! / more cycling, less accidents!

article en La Croix, France

The article also reminds us, that safe cycling is a learned skill and rookies are more in danger.

One of the most important rules of the game: stay away from heavy vehicles (trucks and buses)!
  • Don't pass a truck on its right side, better stay behind it.
  • Don't let a truck pass you too tight. Always ride in the middle of the lane to keep safety margin for yourself.
Now that so many French cities have those fancy bike renting machines, educating new cyclists should be easy: explain the rules of safe biking in a sequence of cartoons and display the cartoons on the screen of those machines. A different cartoon for each time you rent out a bike. This will help keep people safe and reduce all accidents that can be avoided.


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