20 July 2008

Cindy is getting in shape -- choosing a luggage rack now

After installing her fine Chipmonk-resembling fenders, I trued both her wheels. They were untrue buy less than a millimetre, but now they are even up to a quarter of a millimetre. The trueing stand rocks!
One time I also noticed that the headset was totally lose and I tightened and adjusted it. That's so many things now which I did to the bike!

I also decided that Cindy should get a rack, but no kick-stand, because standing on a kickstand is unstable anyways and a rack is good to protect the fenders when the bike leans somewhere. It generally makes the bike more robust.
I know that Cindy's owner would prefer a basket as luggage thingy, but I think it's better to mount such a thing indirectly to a rack instead of to the frame. Unfortunately I don't have a complete plan which basket to mount and which rack I consequently need. I will try to split the problem up, go for a good, stable rack first and then see what basket to get.

Unfortunately all the cheap racks have only one stay to connect to the frame below, which I find quite insufficient. Such a rack is less strong and also doesn't offer enough protection against luggage getting into the wheel from the side.

On the positive side, Cindy has all the frame mountings necessary for the fenders and the rack. I really hate that guy from CBN who told me to mount the rack against the seat post. That's such totally wrong thing to do! The seat post has to stay adjustable. Especially since Cindy's seat post has a built-in suspension, one can't mount anything to the suspended part.
Why are there so many bloody amateurs in this world?!

Cindy's owner is coming back soon and I am looking forward to hear her opinion and finish the repairs. I have to inquire my buddy from the sailing club where he got his cheap lights and bell. Those would finally make Cindy a perfect ride!

Stay tuned folks!


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