20 July 2009

Why I love Quickscript. (One of several reasons.)

"Give me a lever which is long enough," Archimedes exclaimed, "and I will lift the earth."

To everybody who has seen and understand the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie trilogy it is abundantly clear that even the most insurmountable goals can be accomplished, once you have enough leverage. For me, even after studying English in school for eight years, regularly reading and writing English for nine years, and now living in an English-speaking city for two years, expressing myself clearly has been an insurmountable goal. When I am relaxed and speak without thinking of the language, I will regularly be interrupted by people's "what was that?" and even a repetition won't make me understood. I have to repeat again, or spell out the word that I can't pronounce or try to use another word, which I am hopefully pronouncing better. This is a distraction that throws my stream of thoughts off-track, makes me nervous when I continue, and slowly eats away my confidence in my ability of having a normal conversation.

Quikscript shall be the leverage that is needed to teach me the English language --as it is spoken-- once and for all.  For me, being a visual kind of person, Quikscript is the written face of spoken English, it is the key to see the language, and thereby memorize and master it.


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