20 July 2009

Best of the Fringe

Just two plays which I might see because I missed them in the main Fringe.

As You Puppet
By William Shakespeare and adapted by Hank’s Toy Box Theatre
UPSTAIRS AT BERKELEY: Thursday July 23 – 7pm · Friday July 24 – 7pm · Saturday July 25 – 7pm
Stuffed animals spring to life! When a clever bear named Rosalind is banished by her evil uncle Frederick the crocodile, she and her best kitten friend Celia run away to the forest in search of adventure. Meet a giant orangutan, a prissy hippo, a brave teddy, and a comical bunny named Touchstone in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” for kids!

A Singularity of Being
By T. Berto
BERKELEY MAINSTAGE: Thursday July 23 – 7pm · Friday July 24 – 7pm · Saturday July 25 – 7pm
*Winner 2009 New Play Contest* Roland Mathers is a brilliant physicist consumed with unraveling Einstein’s Grand Unified Theory. A Singularity of Being explores the life of a genius who’s pursuit to uncover the secrets of the universe unravels the lives of everyone around him. When he develops a life threatening and debilitating disease, Roland sacrifices his happiness on the altar of science.

Tickets are $16.50 each and are available starting July 14, 2009
416.368.3110 or www.canstage.com.
The Berkeley Street Theatre - 26 Berkeley St.


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