18 August 2008

tube change checklist

How to take the rear wheel out of my bike. The best way is actually to leave the wheel in and just patch the tube. This is the advantage of patches!
I really should try that first and only if I can't find the hole or if the tube needs to be replaced, should I take out the wheel.
Anyways, here's the checklist:
  • take off rear part of chain guard
  • put bike in first gear
  • loosen the adjustment at the break lever
  • take off the bolt holding the torque support for the brake
  • loosen axle nuts and slide axle slightly forwards
  • turn the gear plate on the hub as to get much loose in the cable, then twist the pin at the end of the cable so it comes out
  • take off gear cable hull
  • take off breaking cable from hub
  • take off breaking cable hull from torque support
  • slide chain off from wheel and finally take the wheel out
When putting it back together, use exactly the reverse order:
  • put wheel in keeping the axle forward
  • put on chain
  • put in torque support bolt and nut, but do not yet tighten
  • put on cable hulls and cables (remember, you need to turn the gear plate a lot to get enough loose in the cable to get the pin twisted and in)
  • adjust chain tension and wheel straightness, then tighten the axle nuts
  • tighten the torque support bolt
  • readjust the the brake lever
  • put chain support back on
I hope, next time I won't forget anything.


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