18 August 2008

My puncture-proof tires

Just for the record: in the two and a half years and so many thousands of kilometres of riding my bike I never had a problem with the front tire or tube, but several flats on the rear. I think the old rear tire which I changed after two years (see other post) had one puncture at the end of its life-time and two or three flats without puncture before that.
Yesterday I had the first hole in a tube with my new rear tire. Maybe I should have thrown that old tube away with the tire. (I did so today.)
I should also check my pressure more often, since after a few weeks it is usually to low and causes too much wear-and-tear.
I think that the puncture protection of the Big Apple tires is quite good, although there might be better ones around. In any case, most of my flats don't seem to be puncture related. That's why the pressure is so important: to protect from the wear-and-tear flats.


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