10 May 2011

out of sugar

Today on the S-Bahn I thought of the Firefly Episode Out of Gas (which in itself is a masterpiece of science-fiction which I think you should see...). Also on the S-Bahn I used my “smart” phone to look up recipes for vegan brownies. I had made them before, but I didn't know whether I had kept the recipe and besides it was very handy to look up a recipe and go shopping on my way home, because going home and then back out for shopping would take too much time on a day that was already night.
The first hit on Google seemed like a good recipe and the supermarket had all the ingredients plus some extra walnuts and almond flour which I like in my brownies. In any case, I don't need to buy baking staples because I always have them at home. Well, almost always, actually. At home, I found that I had run out of sugar and the only left-overs were in the sugar portioner for tea.
I also thought that it was just too late to ask the neighbors to borrow me some, so I looked around for replacements and that's where the fun started. I found honey, maple syrup flakes, chocolate powder (which is 50% sugar after all), and raspberry syrup. So I used a fair bit of each plus some cheap Amaretto that I also found while scavenging for sugar. After all I think I still have less sugar in my brownies than the two cups required by the recipe, but I also think that the flavor will be much more interesting!

This experience reminds me that in past epochs of my life I regularly used molasses and sugar beet syrup for baking. Those would probably also have made a good contribution to my recipe.


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