18 February 2009


Driving home from work, stephen's car rolled slowly over the pavement. red lights, stop and go, rush hour downtown. the sidewalk full of people. some hurrying by from work to home, some from errand to errand, others dipping into the shop windows without slowing their pace. there, a book shop. stephen remembered the poem which was on his mind this morning... while his thoughts slipped away, the car stopped. stephen got out, put the car on the sidewalk and entered the shop.
How confused he was after a day of work! this shop only carried non-fiction. but there should be others nearby, stephen thought, pushing his car along while walking past more shop windows. he now remembered the entire first stanza. the cars on the street were so slow, they weren't even noisy. stephen crossed a little park and lifted his car up a few steps to "the downtown book shoppe". by now the entire poem had come back to him. he bought the book anyway.

Interpretation aid: this is common reality for people who commute by bike.

Dedicated to Justin Ward.


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