30 November 2008

Nature in the City

Here's a nice bike ride:
  • From UofT St. George to Craigleigh Gardens (3.3 km). Here is one way to get there using residential roads: (some alternative routes are on the next map)

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  • Then up the Beltline Trail through the Moore Raving (2.8 km) and Mount Pleasant Cemetery (1.5 km, closed at night time!)

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  • Finally, back downhill, using the city's bike itinerary 35, passing through residential areas and dumping you off right on St. George street. (4.6 km)

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This makes a little more than 13km in total, thereof 4.3 in complete wilderness and parks and the rest on quiet residential roads. Busy Yonge Street and Mount Pleasant Avenue are crossed grade free and carefree. It's pure pleasure!

Edit: Google Maps doesn't centre the embedded maps like I tell it to. But you can find the routes by zooming in and dragging the map around.


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