16 March 2008

today's trip

why shop at your closest supermarket if you can turn shopping into a long excursion in best weather? I rode my grocercies 17 km this afternoon...

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This time I wanted to ride through Victoria Park (parallel to the subway tracks), but again this path was not yet free from snow. Gotta get back some time.

Comparing this ride to Yesterdays, I find suburbia quite depressing: Eglington Avenue, for example is a quite lively place where even some people walk around (as opposed to driving through), but the street has minimum eight lanes, with parkings on either side this makes for 70 metres distance between opposing façades. This is almost the length of one block in downtown Toronto.
The lake-shore route was much nicer. Maybe next weekend the snow has thawed so that I can ride through some of the parks or ravines.


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