20 October 2007

postal coincidence

Here's a story that happened to me, I am learning of it right now. My questions are: do you believe this? Can you explain this?

On about 20th August 2006 I sent a postcard from Munich, Germany to a friend in Taipei, Taiwan. I only had her office address so I sent it there.

On Saturday, two weeks ago (6th October 2007) I sent her another card from Toronto to her apartment in Taipei. Now, from last Tuesday to Friday she was away on a business trip. When she came back on Friday night, she got my card that I sent some days ago. She complimented my Chinese writing, since I had copied the characters comprising her address, like little pictures one at a time.

Now, today. Saturday. She went to her office and on her office table she found -- the card that I had sent over one year ago. It had arrived in the mail just the same week as my other card! Two postcard sent to two different adresses one year apart... arrive in the same week!

That's the story.

How can that happen?


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