17 December 2013

Green Smoothies for the win!

I learned about the concept of a "Green Smoothie" in Spring 2012 at a time when I was a bit unhappy with my way then current way of eating. Around the same time I went to a Raw Food Exibition and I read the great book "Eat to Live" and one day I almost instantly switched my eating habits. I started cooking differently, ate much less bread and no "spreads" any more. But the biggest change was for breakfast which I made Smoothie-fest every day!

My typical breakfast now looks like this before it is blended:
Of course, banana, kiwi, and avocado are peeled before blending and I take the core out of the apple, but leave the skin on. Then I add about a cup of warm water and blend. And that's my healthy, tasty breakfast.
I eat some variation of this almost every day with an exception maybe once a week. The most common variation is in the salad: today (as seen in the picture) I had rucola/arugula. Other favorites are various kinds of lettuce, spinach, or, rarely, field salad. Instead of an apple, I also often use a pear. If I don't have an avocado (or all my avocados are still to hard), I'll replace the water with some soy milk, so I have at least one source of fat in the drink. I'd also use linseed for this if I remembered where I could buy it already crushed.

A great breakfast makes a good start into the day and with already five small servings of raw fruit and leaves covered, I am primed for a healthy cooked lunch.


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