10 March 2012

Minimal cooking for good health and meal variety -- a different veggie every day

Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spread, marinated pumpkin chunks -- there are over hundred different ways to prepare pumpkin, yet there's little prepared pumpkin available at restaurants and grocery stores. Of the top of my head I could name a few restaurants that have pumpkin soup and I've seem pumpkin puree on supermarket shelves, along with awfully sweet, unhealthy pumpkin pie.

So how do I get my healthy dose of pumpkin without spending too much time cooking?

Just make the simplest of pumpkin recipies (next to raw pumpkin): baked pumpkin parts.
I just took the seeds out and removed the fleshy parts, then they went into the oven on the same pan. The seeds  will be crisps after five to ten minutes, much earlier than the pumpkin flesh, so they serve as a delicious appetizer while waiting for the main course. :-)

While eating, I found that the pumpkin flesh that was closer to the pan was much more moist and had more taste. While the upper part was good, too, I found it quite dry in comparison. So my plan for next time is to steam the pumpkin parts instead of frying them. I am already looking forward to trying that!


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