22 July 2009

new cycling route to the sailing club

I found my favorite cycling route down Beverly Street and along Front St. and Queen's Quay to the sailing club because I once wanted to take a friend and was looking for a calm route specifically for her. It happened to be that this route was also well-paved so I stuck with it and took it every time.
Now, last week I took another friend and found a new route which I like a lot and which is now my preferred alternative to avoid cycling boredom.

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The good think about this route is that all the uphill happens on quite, well-paved residential streets. As a side benefit, most of the isopleth is on Wellesley Street. Not that I care much about bike lanes but at least drivers will not be surprised about bicycles there. :-D

PS: Google's blue line ends at Harthouse Circle because Google doesn't know that you can bike through there to reach Hosking Ave / Harbord St.


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